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Seed Processing Unit

  • Seed Processing Unit

    After harvest, the seeds need to be processed by various methods in order to keep their physical purity intact and also to increase the shell life. This should be done before seeds are kept in storage. There are various steps to be followed viz. cleaning (wet and dry), winnowing, sieving, drying, tests to ascertain the dryness of seeds. One of the crucial steps in Seed Processing is refining post-harvested seed to its purest form for replanting purposes and human/animal consumption. This involves taking the cleaned seed and coating them with a chemical, usually antimicrobial or fungicidal, to make them more robust for the field.

    • The seed that produced will have so many impurities like stones, weeds, trash, other crop seeds etc.
    • Seed processing means cleaning operation that are taken up to the raw produce from the field.
    • In this process the seed that is produced is going to be used as seed purpose that’s why we have to take care of the germination percentage also.

    The advantage of seed processing units are:

    • It cleans the seed by revolving the trash and stones present in it by pre-cleaners.
    • It grades the seed by the shape, size etc. by removing the shrivelled and damage seed from it.
    • It removes other unwanted crop seed using the gravity separator.
    • The seed produced is uniform and by maintaining the required moisture the germination percentage achieved is good.

    Registration is mandatory for establishment of seed processing unit which is done by ASSCA.

    Format of Application for registration of Seed Processing Unit (Manual/Mechanical) and Registration Certificate format can be downloaded from the website.

    Seed Processing Unit
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