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Government Of Assam Department of Agriculture & Horticulture

Transfer & Postings
Dated Notification No. Subject
15-11-2022 No.AGA.322/2022/10 Gradation in the cadre of Sr. ADO and its equivalentpost of Assam Agricultural Services as on 31-07-2022
17-10-2022 No.E-227587/4 Transfer Posting of Tarun Hazarika and ranjan Prasad Deka
19-09-2022 No. AGRI-13015/10/2022-ESTT-AGRI-Agriculture Transfer posting of Nipon Jyoti
01-09-2022 Memo No. AGRI-13012/24/2022-ESTT-AGRI-Agriculture Transfer posting Order Notification
10-08-2022 No. AGA.304/2019/27 Transfer posting of ADOs
8-8-2022 No. AGA.69/2022/35 Transfer posting of Shri Jayanta Dutta
8-8-2022 No. AGA.289/2019/27 Transfer posting to DoA Khanapara
30-07-2022 No. AGA.350/2018/70 Rearrangement of ADOs
30-07-2022 No. AGA.350/2018/69 Transfer Posting Order Shri Ashim Pathak
28-07-2022 No. AGA.350/2018/70 Transfer Posting Order
25-04-2022 No. AGA.69/2022/35 Transfer Posting Order of ADOs to Sr.ADOs
29-03-2022 No. AGA.67/2018/25 Transfer Posting Order of Md. Bulbul Hussain
28-03-2022 No. AGA.300/2019/17 , No. AGA.300/2019/17-A Transfer Posting Order of Shri Irshad Ali
24-03-2022 No. AGA.51/2022/6 Transfer Posting Order of Sr. ADO Charaideo, Shri Robin Yein
14-03-2022 No. AGA.451/2019/57 Transfer Posting Order of Sr. ADOs
14-02-2022 No. AGA.290/2019/7 Additional Charges of I/c DAO, of Shri Pankaj Kr. Mazumdar, SDAO
19-02-2022 No. AGA.178/2017/68 Additional Charges of Shri Ranbir Kakati, Shri Samir Uddin Ahmed and Shri Samarjyoti Nath
19-02-2022 No. AGA.451/2019/18 Transfer Posting order of Shri Parag Jyoti Saikia
07-02-2022 No. AGA.234/2021/Pt-III/7 Transfer Posting order of Shri Prabin Baruah
26-02-2021 No. AGA.104/2019/Pt-II/22 Transfer Orders of Officers under Engineering Wing of Agriculture Department
Transfer & Postings