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Government Of Assam Department of Agriculture & Horticulture

Unique Agricultural Produces

A look at the horticultural scenerio in Assam gives a picture of tradition, diversity, potentiality and a highly demanding sector. If the vastness of various components of horticultural sector is the beauty of it, Assam is endowed with this vastness almost in totality of tropical domain of world horticulture. This contributes to its uniqueness of acommodating wide range of fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices, tuber crops, nut crops, medicinal & aromatic crops besides the hidden world of mushroom and honey bees. It is florists dreamland, it is architects landscape and the list goes on and perhaps finally terminates at a point where the investors may like to comment this sector of Assam as a sleeping giant. Now from investors point of view, what they primarily need is products of excellence from farmers, they need new areas or crops to explore; they need consistency in availablity at subsequent phase. Now, before going in to other aspects, it has become necessary to acess whether this primary requirement can be fulfilled by Assam. As regards fruits, perhaps no other State can claim of having so much of crops in its basket; what Assam can provide for choice. The list contains Banana, Pineapple, Orange and so many citrus fruits like Assam lemon, Round Lemon, Satkora (Citrus macroptera), Guva, Litchi, Mango, Papaya, Jackfruit, Plum, etc.

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